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We supply manufacturing, agricultural and logistics industries with eco-friendly packaging materials.

We owe our current position on the market to our individual approach to clients and the knowledge we have gained over 30 years of working in the field.


In the interest of our future!

See how we are reduce plastic consumption

Out of concern for the environment, we produce high-performance manual and machine pre-stretch films – EcoEco and core-free films – Coreless.
We help companies reduce the amount of film used during the process of wrapping goods on pallets.


Prestretch – our answer to ecology questions

Concern for the environment is an issue that is particularly close to our hearts. The position that Bialpak occupies on the market and its social responsibility obliges us to pay full attention when launching packaging products. We realise the importance of proper management of recyclables and reducing the amount of plastic introduced. All of this became our motivation to produce a film that allows us to remain in harmony with nature.

PreStretch EcoEco is not only an environmentally friendly prestretch film – it brings a number of benefits to companies from a variety of industries, including transportation, trade and manufacturing. The prestretched film maintains high puncture resistance and does not require repeated wrapping of packaged goods. The low, attractive price and high performance make our PreStretch EcoEco unbeatable.

Pre Stretch EcoEco








High-end specialists in packaging for industry and agriculture.

Bialpak was founded in 1994. During 30 years of work, we have acquired experience that allowed us to call ourselves specialists.

We are trusted by many reputable companies, including market-leading food and industrial production facilities.

We appear as experts at industry events and trade shows. We train companies and warehouse department staff to reduce the use of packaging materials. Over the years, we have received numerous awards such as BUSINESS GAZELLES and Forbes Diamond Award. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Awards granted to Bialpak. ISO 9001:2008 Certificate.

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Perfect bale
– A to Z

Unfortunately, any method of silage production brings some losses. To minimise those losses, it is very important to strictly follow these guidelines.


Additional film layers – benefits

The conclusions of the scientific experiment have vividly demonstrated very real benefits of using additional layers of film to wrap bales.


bale wrap

How to make a wise decision? Is the price always the main factor in choosing a particular brand of film?


Securing a silo

In order to minimise the possible loss of valuable feed, it is very important to use all protective elements.