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Prestretch film

The main subject of our activity is production of prestretch manual and machine films. We are a leading manufacturer of EcoEco prestretch film in Poland.

EcoEco manual film, machine film

The film is obtained by machine prestretching of a stretch type film to a certain thickness. It has been developed for manual wrapping and machines without special prestretching heads.

EcoEco film is produced on state-of-the-art high-end machines equipped with devices that control quality of material, length of winding and weight of a roll.

In addition, we produce the film with overlaps on edges of the film’s ribbon with a strong adhesive on the inside or outside of the material made by blow moulding as well as casting technology.

EcoEco film is produced in manual and machine applications in thicknesses from 6 µm to 17 µm in manual windings from 200 m to 800 m and machine windings from 900 m to 3000 m.

Many advantages

The EcoEco product has many advantages for reducing an amount of the film used during a process of wrapping goods on pallets. Even with a slight stretching of the film, we get optimal tension, which stabilises cargo during storage of goods on pallets and during transport.

The use of EcoEco film does not require effort needed for tensing. In addition, it has a positive effect on productivity and comfort.

It dramatically reduces the cost of packaging goods and minimises the generation of film waste. We will individually customise our products to meet your needs.

Production and sale of stretch film offered by Bialpak Choromanski, Leszczynski Sp. K. are covered by an Integrated Management System based on ISO 9001:2009 standards (updated)

Possible options

Thickness/Size 6 µ 7 µ 8 µ  9 µ 10 µ 12 µ 14 µ 15 µ 17 µ
CAST 300m
CAST 400m
CAST 600m

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