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Silotite® PRO

Silottie® Pro, another innovative product from Silotite. Thereby, a higher number of wrapped bales from a roll, with time savings and better silage quality. On top of that, a unique packaging in a film sleeve that allows you to forget about bulky boxes. The above product allows to work in a wide range of air temperatures – it is possible to wrap both day and night, in any climate. This film is characterised by increased puncture resistance and excellent adhesive.

33% more bales from a roll

5-layer film Silotite® Pro has the lenght of 2000m instead of 1500m like other standard products on the market. The extra length allows farmers to make 33% more bales from a single roll. If this performance and price of the product are compared with competing products, we find that Silotite® Pro offers the most cost-effective film wrapping of bales. In addition, thanks to the increased film length, a farmer changes rolls less often during wrapping. Reduces time lost to machine downtime in the field. Farmers who wrap bales as a service and do about 350 bales a day will appreciate the fact that a full load of baler-wrappers with rollers Silotite® Pro (about 10-12 rolls) will give them the ability to work all day without a necessity to bring new rolls to the field.

Silotite® Pro film features enhanced puncture resistance and excellent adhesive. It also allows you to work in a wide range of air temperatures, making day and night wrapping possible in any climate.

In addition to the above benefits, the 5-layer Silotite® Pro film also offers improved ensiling due to an increased barrier against air entering the bales. Fewer film wrinkles on the wrapped bale give less chances for air to penetrate inside.

The film manufacturer, thanks to its state-of-the-art fleet of 5-layer machines with a prestretching system and the use of the best raw materials, has created a film with excellent ensiling characteristics. A constant film thickness control system allows the thinner Silotite® Pro to maintain a consistent thickness of 20 microns throughout the roll.

Silotite® Pro is packaged in a 100% recyclable plastic sleeve. It is made of the same material as the film (i.e., LLDPE polyethylene) and can be recycled along with it. By moving away from traditional cardboard packaging and with fewer rolls (and cores!) needed for the farmer to wrap, SilotitePro film is more environmentally friendly.

In summary, Siltotie® Pro offers a more productive solution and cheaper bale wrapping with film and less waste on the farm. As a result, the film has gained a host of loyal users around the world.


width length thickness colour
750mm PRO 1800m 23μm Green

Downloadable materials:

Flyer (PDF)
Certificate (PDF)
Instructions (PDF)