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Stretch film

Stretch films are the cheapest and most effective form of securing goods on pallets.

Available in thicknesses from 6 to 30 µm, transparent and colored. Manufactured according to cast, blown and multilayer technology, produced from low-density linear polyethylene LDPE.

Excellent cargo security

They are characterized by high transparency, stretchability and puncture resistance. Good “memory” of the film after wrapping provides excellent protection of the cargo during storage and transportation.

We provide professional advice on optimal settings for semi-automatic and automatic wrapping equipment.

Specialists of our company with the help of specialized equipment carry out comprehensive technical analysis of the use of film and select the appropriate type of material.

We encourage you to contact with our sales representatives, who will be happy to answer any questions!

Types of stretch film

Films for machine wrapping of pallets:

  • Width from 500 mm to 700 mm, on bushings with an inside ø. 77 mm:
  • Standard type with pre-stretch up to 150%
  • Standard+ type with pre-stretch up to 200%
  • Power type with pre-stretch up to 250%
  • Super power type with pre-stretch up to 300%
  • EcoEco type with pre-stretch up to 350%

On special request, it is possible to print on transparent film and color film.

Films for manual wrapping of pallets:

  • Width from 100 mm to 550 mm, on sleeves with an intrinsic ø. From 38 mm to 50 mm mini wrap filmswound both on sleeves ø 38 mm to 76 mm.
  • Transparent and colored opaque(black, white, blue, green).
  • Also available in prestretch with thickness from 7 µm and any number of running meters.
  • Any winding and thickness to choose from the available palette.