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Wood briquette

Wood briquette is an environmentally friendly fuel produced from a variety of waste materials from the wood industry, mainly sawdust. They are compressed under high pressure without the addition of binders.

Wood briquette is an excellent alternative to coal or traditional firewood. It is suitable for burning in boilers, stoves, kitchen stoves and fireplaces. Its main advantages include: 100% ecological; a very small amount of ash from 0.3 to 1.5%, which can be used as organic fertilizer; high density and calorific value up to 18 MJ/kg; low moisture content up to 10%; easy to store and use – packaged in foil packets of 10 kg; does not emit unpleasant odors; burning with briquette allows you to easily keep your hearth clean.

Among its main advantages are:

  • 100% organic,
  • A very small amount of ash from 0.3 to 1.5 percent,
  • Ash can be used as an organic fertiliser,
  • High density and calorific value of up to 18 MJ/kg,
  • Low humidity up to 10%,
  • Easy to store and use – packaged in foil packets of 10 kg,
  • Does not emit unpleasant odors,
  • Burning with briquettes makes it easy to keep a hearth clean.