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Baletite – an innovative film that replaces a net when baling silage.

Another novelty on the market – a film that allows you to replace a net, fully improving ensiling process and thereby protecting contents of bales. Using Baletite as an alternative to a net provides better bale shaping due to the stronger grip of silage by the tightly shrinking film. The film means that no amount of silage goes to waste, as feed does not get entangled in the film at all, which is a common problem when using a net.

Baletite has been created for use on grass, corn and pulp silages. On the other hand, we can’t use it for straw or hay, due to its limited UV resistance, as well as low-tech balers that, most simply, can’t handle such the application.


width length thickness
1280mm 2400m 13μm
1380mm 2000m 16μm

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