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Coreless films

Coreless stretch films are an alternative solution to traditional films with a core. This is an excellent response to EU environmental recommendations. Take care of the convenience of packaging and proper protection of your goods and reduce unnecessary costs.

Did you know that:

Traditional stretch films with a core are less environmentally friendly, and cores create packaging waste that should be disposed of properly. Storage of traditional cores and their disposal are additional costs that can be avoided by using dispensers.

The Coreless film comes with a reusable dispenser, thus reducing the costs of storage and disposal of used (disposable) cores.

Coreless film thickness range

12 to 30 microns.

Coreless stretch film – the most important advantages of coreless film:

  • An innovative product – a pro-environmental alternative to the usual stretch film with a core,
  • No cardboard core,
  • No need to warehouse cores – we reduce the costs of storage and disposal of cardboard wastes and minimise carbon footprint!
  • 100% recyclable film,
  • You pay for the film itself without a cardboard core!
  • Width: 500 mm,
  • Thickness: from 12 to 30 µm – the film is strong, economical and versatile,
  • Guaranteed prestretch: up to 150% – easy to secure loads of different shapes.

All this makes our product provide effective and convenient protection of shipments and cargo of various types.

Downloadable materials:

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