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Bialpak Company is an Official Distributor of NATURKRAFT pellets in Poland and an Authorised Seller of Barlinek pellets. With many years of experience in the green fuel industry, our specialists will advise you on the best product to heat your home or business while minimising costs. We have been trusted by many customers who benefit from the establishment of an ongoing relationship combined with comfort. Customers have found that the quality of the products sold by Bialpak and the professionalism of our employees provide them with peace of mind. Our contractors and suppliers are: Graanulinvest, Barlinek – leading producers of ecological fuel such as pellets. If you are interested in efficiency in heating and reducing costs while raising the standard, you are welcome!

We sell retail and wholesale. We declare continuity of supply. We invite companies, wholesalers, fuel depots and firewood outlets, etc. to cooperate with us. Feel free to contact us by phone or email for more information on cooperation.



Naturkraft pellets

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Barlinek pellets 6mm

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