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Peat briquette

Bialpak company offers you peat briquette, which is called an ecological fuel of the future. It is an alternative to coal and wood and contains no harmful chemicals, therefore it is safe for humans and the surrounding nature.

Peat briquette is one of the eco-friendly fuels just like pellets. It is used as a substitute for hard coal and wood. Peat, as a component of soil, is extracted much more easily than coal. The briquette is made by pressing peat under high pressure.

The advantage of this fuel is that if you provide air access to a stove, the briquette will burn with a flame, and with the air supply closed, it will glow for a very long time.


  • Heating value of about 18Mj,
  • Moisture content of about 12%,
  • Ash content of about 10%,
  • Sulfur content of about 0.2%.


  • The heat of peat briquette combustion is about three times that of firewood.
  • Burning briquettes does not cause corrosion of boilers and soot deposition in a hearth and flue pipes.
  • The ash after burning the briquette is 100% organic and can be used as a potassium-phosphorus fertiliser.

Peat briquette can be used wherever coal and wood have been used so far.

Burning briquette is allowed in CO stoves, fireplaces, tiled stoves, industrial boilers, as well as in boiler rooms for heating farms and tunnels with agricultural crops, among others.

Sales and delivery details

Packaging and delivery

The offered peat briquette is packed in BigBag bags and foil packets of 10 kg stacked on a pallet.
Full truckload sales in quantities of 22 or 24 tons, with delivery to the address you specify.

Terms and conditions

For a price quote, please contact your account manager, as the price depends on a delivery zip code.

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