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Straw bale protection – ExpertTex agrotextile

What is a straw bale protection?

In short, it is the most effective protection for bales of straw, hay and grain. Fleece is an extremely durable and breathable protective material. That makes it an effective alternative to covering bales with a tarp or film.

Straw cover provides many benefits:

Durability: Protective fleece, unlike agricultural films, is extremely resistant to prolonged exposure to sun and wind. Maximum durability is ensured by careful weaving and appropriate weight. Fleece will protect straw bales even during strong winds. This is the first argument to use fleece instead of silage films, which could be quickly torn by gusty winds.

Ventilation: good air-flow ensures moisture evaporation. This is another argument encouraging the use of this special agro-textile for straw. Under a tarp or silage film, moisture is accumulated. Those are conditions for mold formation and straw rot. It is understandable, since even the best silage film is not a material dedicated for straw protection.

Breathable material: fleece is characterized by high air and vapour permeability. Eliminates the causes of mould and mildew.

Life: fleece is a multi-season material! The investment in agro-textile for straw pays off due to the multi-season life of the product.

Fleece or tarp – which is more economical?

One-time purchase of fleece may seem like a more expensive investment than film or tarp. However, in the interest of your budget, we encourage you to allow for issues that should be of considerable importance to you:
1) the durability of fleece (has an impact on longer life), which makes it less frequent to replace a fleece with a new one
2) better quality of the produced straw covered by fleece

Given the above, we conclude that fleece is the the most favourable solution also in economic terms.


Width [m] Length [m]
9,8 12,5
9,8 25
10,4 12,5
10,4 15,8
10,4 25
12 25
13 25
15,6 12,5
15,6 25