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BerliNet is a unique bale netwrap with outstanding durability. High quality is confirmed by the German DLG Signum Test certificate. BerliNet is a net manufactured using a modern technological park. Recognisable by its strong red colour and distinct green side stripes.

Tearing resistance and good coverage of straw and hay bales are provided by high-quality raw materials and a careful weaving process.

BerliNet nets have an excellent price/quality ratio. Buying a solid agricultural net is now easy and affordable for your wallet. To ensure full bale coverage, Rapid nets are available in 123cm and 125cm widths. There are also two lengths to choose from: 2000m, 3000m.

BerliNet benefits:

  • Full bale coverage
  • High durability
  • UV Guarantee
  • Edge marking
  • Recognisable red colour
  • Universal use
  • Roll-end information