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RapidField is among the world’s leading bale netswraps. A guarantee of consistently high quality is the German DLG Signum Test certificate. RapidField is manufactured using the latest technology. Carefully selected compositions of raw materials make it possible to wrap hay and straw bales without problems even in the most difficult field conditions. Rapid net performs well in all types of wrappers. To ensure full bale coverage, Rapid nets are available in 123, 125 and 130cm widths.

The table below shows the available width and length configurations.

Thanks to the combination of high quality and affordability, the distinctive yellow-and-black Rapid net increases its circle of satisfied customers every year. Contact us to learn how bale wrapping with Rapid net will keep your feed safe.

RapidField benefits:

  • 100% bale coverage
  • High durability
  • UV Guarantee
  • Reinforced edges
  • Universal use
  • Roll-end information
  • Distinctive yellow and black pattern

Available configurations

width [cm] length [m]
123 2000, 3000
125 2000, 3000
130 3000