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Spectra is a novelty on the Polish bale netwraps market.

Spectra brand has been manufactured by one of the world's leaders in agricultural nets. The distinguishing features of this product are:

  1. Special mechanical properties - exceptional tearing resistance and full distribution of the net over the bale.
  2. Eye-catching design - vivid orange colour.

Spectra is a net manufactured using a modern technological park. With each season, the number of customers satisfied with this product grows significantly.

Tearing resistance and good coverage of straw and hay bales are provided by high-quality raw materials and a careful weaving process.

SPECTRA nets have an excellent price/quality ratio. Buying a solid agricultural net is now easy and affordable for your wallet.

SPECTRA benefits:

  • Full bale coverage
  • High durability
  • UV Guarantee
  • Edge marking
  • Recognisable red colour
  • Universal use
  • Roll-end information