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Silo 5 Power

Silo 5 Power is a house brand offered by Bialpak.

Why did we design Silo 5 Power?

With many years of experience in manufacturing, as well as being an importer of the largest companies in the packaging industry, the idea of creating our own brand Silo 5 Power was born, based primarily on high quality, with an appropriate price/quality ratio. Over time, the film we offer began to win more and more customers to become a leading sales brand for some of them.

What distinguishes the Silo 5 Power film?

Silo 5 Power features high mechanical strength, is 5-layer, and is compatible with all types of balers and wrapping balers. In addition, it withstands even the harshest conditions during wrapping very well. It handles tougher green fodder very well, and because of its adhesive properties, it seals the bale tightly. Thus, Silo 5 Power provides full safety in feed storage.

Available sizes

width [mm] length [m] thickness [mikr] colour
500 1800 25 White / green
750 1500 25 White / green