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The perfect bale – from A to Z

We have been a distributor of Silotite film for over a dozen years. Film manufacturer Silotite was the first in the world to invest in the production of 5-layer film, launching a pioneering generation of haylage film. Siltotie is currently one of the main brands chosen by farmers around the world. Above all, the film is characterized by a constant over the years – stable quality and reliability. The film protects a variety of forage plants in millions of bales both round and rectangular. The product works on all bale wrappers.

Silotite is a product of choice for farmers who are looking for high strength, reliability and durability of film. It is also worth mentioning that Silotite is produced on state-of-the-art production lines using blow-moulding technology to guarantee maximum strength, puncture resistance and flexibility. This, combined with excellent UV resistance, makes Silotite an ideal choice for seamless bale wrapping.

Confirmation of the high quality of Silotite® film is provided by the following certifications:

5-layer technology

The 5-layer technology allows to produce a film with maximum parameters such as:

  • UV stabilization
  • Puncture resistance
  • Rupture resistance
  • Flexibility
  • Stickiness

5-layer film:

Allows you to increase the oxygen barrier
Suitable for use on the fastest wrappers
Withstands wrapping of “tough” crops such as lucerne.

SP Logo

Awarding the certificate of SP quality means that the film has been tested by an independent testing center, which confirms that:

The film was produced using the highest quality raw materials. It has a guaranteed 70% stretch (10% more than in low-quality films, which have to work with a 55% stretch).

It has a guaranteed specified length, width and thickness.
The manufacturer has modern machinery.


ISO 9001 – the company has a quality management system.
ISO14001 – environmentally friendly company
OHSAS 18001 – occupational health and safety management system.


width length thickness colour
500mm 1800m 25μm White / green
750mm 1500m 25μm White / green
750mm PRO 1800m 23μm Green

Downloadable materials:

Flyer (PDF)
SP RISE Certificate (PDF)
Instructions (PDF)