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Triofarm is a bale film that ranks among the top agricultural films in the world. The Swedish company Trioplast, due to its years of experience, has released a product that meets the expectations of even the most demanding farmers.

Triofarm is an extremely strong and durable film – it stands up well to even the harshest conditions encountered during wrapping. It also handles tougher green fodder very well. Triofarm, due to its adhesive properties, prevents foil tails and ensures that bales are sealed tightly. It works great with high-speed wrapping balers. This ensures full safety of stored feed.

Why Triofarm?

  • High mechanical strength,
  • It works well in any wrapper,
  • Resistant to handling with bale grabbers,
  • High Performance,
  • Guaranteed weight and length,
  • UV filter.


Dimensions Colours Packaging
500 mm x 0,025 x 1.800m White, organic green 500mm – 24 rolls/pallet
700 mm x 0.025 x 1,500m Green, light green, black 750 mm – 15 rolls/pallet

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