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EXPERT agricultural films a the premium class among silage films. Expert brand is one of the product lines of the Finnish manufacturer RANI. Scandinavian quality and attention to every detail of production ensure reliable protection even in the harshest weather conditions. For this reason, EXPERT films are especially recommended to growers who value high and stable quality. Carefully prepared and valuable feed requires solid protection, and this is exactly what EXPERT silage film, tried and tested in the harshest areas of Scandinavia, provides.

Expert films optimally protect crops throughout storage and ensiling of feed. Each roll is manufactured from the highest quality raw materials, using the latest 5 and 7 layer blow moulding technology.

The multi-layer structure provides maximum strength. It allows full control over distribution of raw materials in each layer of the film. Meanwhile, UV stabilisers placed in the outer layer perfectly protect the films from the sun’s harmful rays. A core of the film is formed by extremely strong layers responsible for puncture resistance and flexibility.

EXPERT films are:

  • Full range of sizes:
    Widths from 6 to 22 [m]available odd widths, among others. 7, 9, 11 [m]length from 25 to 400 [m].

  • Colour selection:
    black and white films
    silver-black films
    green-black films

  • Excellent ensiling conditions – thanks to multilayer technology, the film provides a coating with an increased oxygen barrier – a crucial element for ensiling process.
  • High durability – necessary to cope with the harsh working conditions on the farm.
  • Ease of use – neatly and evenly wound EXPERT film is easily applied to the surfaces of a bunker silo.
  • Long life – high quality translates into better storage.

Available configurations

width [cm] length [m]
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