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Why Korozo?

It is the number one company in Turkey in the range of flexible packaging. It has been growing in strength since the company was founded in 1973. The company is one of Turkey’s industrial powers, respected around the world, exporting its goods to as many as 88 countries from nine factories in Turkey, with sales and distribution offices located in the UK, Germany and France, among others.

Currently, Korozo is on the verge of becoming one of the 10 largest packaging manufacturers in Europe.

Bialpak is an exclusive importer of Korozo in Poland, and each year the company develops the products it offers, providing the market with more and more new solutions that are used by many companies in the field of industry and, above all, by specialised farmers.

Koro-Silage as a flagship product of KOROZO

What are the features of the Koro Silage film we offer?

It is primarily a high-quality bale film that performs well even on high-speed wrapping balers. With its 5-layer structure and high mechanical strength, it works well among the most demanding users. Korozo is primarily a reliable protection of haylage with a good economic factor.